Scala in Depth

Book description


Scala in Depth is a unique new book designed to help you integrate Scala effectively into your development process. By presenting the emerging best practices and designs from the Scala community, it guides you though dozens of powerful techniques example by example.

About the Book

Scala is a powerful JVM language that blends the functional and OO programming models. You’ll have no trouble getting introductions to Scala in books or online, but it’s hard to find great examples and insights from experienced practitioners. You’ll find them in Scala in Depth.

There’s little heavy-handed theory here—just dozens of crisp, practical techniques for coding in Scala. Written for readers who know Java, Scala, or another OO language.

What’s Inside

  • Concise, expressive, and readable code style

  • Integrate Scala into your existing Java projects

  • Scala’s 2.8.0 collections API

  • How to use actors for concurrent programming

  • Mastering the Scala type system

  • Scala’s OO features—type member inheritance, multiple inheritance, and composition

  • Functional concepts and patterns—immutability, applicative functors, and monads

  • About the Author

    Josh Suereth is a software developer with Typesafe. He is a Scala committer and the maintainer of

    Product information

    • Title: Scala in Depth
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: May 2012
    • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
    • ISBN: 9781935182702