Graph for Scala

For this project, I will create a src/main/scala/InfluenceDiagram.scala file. For demo purpose, I will just recreate the graph from Chapter 2, Data Pipelines and Modeling:

import scalax.collection.Graph
import scalax.collection.edge._
import scalax.collection.GraphPredef._
import scalax.collection.GraphEdge._

import scalax.collection.edge.Implicits._

object InfluenceDiagram extends App {
  var g = Graph[String, LDiEdge](("'Weather'"~+>"'Weather Forecast'")("Forecast"), ("'Weather Forecast'"~+>"'Vacation Activity'")("Decision"), ("'Vacation Activity'"~+>"'Satisfaction'")("Deterministic"), ("'Weather'"~+>"'Satisfaction'")("Deterministic"))

The ~+> operator is used ...

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