Scaling Agile with Jira Align

Book description

Accelerate business value delivery with Jira Align, the enterprise agile planning platform, by connecting strategy with execution to maximize outcomes

Key Features

  • Improve coordination and transparency between multiple programs, products, and business portfolios
  • Increase customer satisfaction by responding quickly to ever-evolving customer needs
  • Deliver higher quality products faster and more predictably with real-time insights and OKR tracking

Book Description

Jira Align is a platform purpose-built for enterprises to connect strategy with execution and drive transparency, consistency, and predictability at all levels of scale. The platform supports business value delivery in agile frameworks such as LeSS, DAD, and SAFe. It also caters to organizations that mix agile with waterfall to support scaled bimodal delivery.

Starting with an introduction to the platform and its features, this book takes you through the foundational building blocks of Jira Align. You'll learn how an organization can benefit from implementing Jira Align and understand how to connect dimensions such as people, work, time, and outcomes. The book takes you through the typical steps for implementing Jira Align for maximizing outcomes and helps you solve common team, program, and portfolio-level challenges by enhancing visibility, tracking dependencies and risks, and using reports for real-time, distributed decision making. Throughout the book, you'll explore features such as remote agile ceremonies, live roadmaps, and objectives and key results (OKRs). You'll also get to grips with lean portfolio management, financial reporting, and using the program board for planning and execution.

By the end of this book, you'll be well versed in the key features of Jira Align and be able to leverage them to support all levels of agile at scale.

What you will learn

  • Understand Jira Align's key factors for success
  • Find out how you can connect people, work, time, and outcomes with Jira Align
  • Navigate and collaborate in Jira Align
  • Scale team agility to the portfolio and enterprise
  • Delve into planning and execution, including roadmaps and predictability metrics
  • Implement lean portfolio management and OKRs
  • Get to grips with handling bimodal and hybrid delivery
  • Enable advanced data security and analytics in Jira Align

Who this book is for

This book is for portfolio managers, program managers, product managers, product owners, executives, release train engineers, and scrum masters who want to empower their teams to deliver the right things at the right time and quickly respond to changes in the market. Familiarity with agile frameworks and Jira Software is necessary; the book will teach you the rest.

Table of contents

  1. Scaling Agile with Jira Align
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  4. About the authors
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About the reviewer
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  8. Preface
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  9. Section 1: Preparing for Jira Align
  10. Chapter 1: Introducing Jira Align
    1. Connecting with Jira Align
    2. The ideal candidate for Jira Align
    3. Assembling the Jira Align Core Team
    4. Selecting a framework
    5. Working with an Atlassian Solution Partner
    6. Summary
    7. Questions
    8. Further reading
  11. Chapter 2: Implementing Jira Align
    1. Analyzing existing programs in Jira
    2. Mapping people, work, time, and outcomes
    3. Setting up Jira Align
    4. Connecting to Jira
    5. Extending to the portfolio
      1. Establishing a portfolio vision and roadmap
      2. Funding value streams and teams, not projects
      3. Connecting the enterprise
    6. Summary
    7. Questions
    8. Further reading
  12. Chapter 3: Navigating Jira Align
    1. Technical requirements
    2. Getting around Jira Align
      1. Navigation menu
      2. Configuration bar
      3. Workspace
    3. Facilitating onboarding
      1. Framework maps
      2. Training simulations
      3. Checklists
    4. Creating and refining backlogs
      1. Linking work items
      2. Importing and exporting
      3. Creating work items
      4. Ranking work items
      5. Estimating work items
      6. Deleting work items
      7. Searching for work items
    5. Collaborating in Jira Align
      1. Subscribing to notifications
      2. Starting a discussion
      3. Configuring workflow emails
      4. Setting up scheduled emails
    6. Summary
    7. Questions
    8. Further reading
  13. Section 2: Problem-Solving with Jira Align
  14. Chapter 4: Team Challenges
    1. Ensuring teams are connected
    2. Sizing stories with estimation games
    3. Loading sprints during remote planning
    4. Conducting ceremonies and meetings
      1. Sprint planning
      2. Daily standup
      3. Sprint review
      4. Retrospectives
    5. Reviewing sprints and giving shoutouts
    6. Summary
    7. Questions
    8. Further reading
  15. Chapter 5: Program Planning Challenges
    1. Building product roadmaps
      1. Work view roadmap
    2. Planning for value delivery as a program
      1. Program board
      2. Objectives
      3. Program predictability
      4. Risks
      5. Organizing around value to reduce dependencies
    3. Visualizing program velocity for planning and predictability
      1. Program Increments Velocity
      2. Program Increments Burnup
      3. Velocity Trend
    4. Summary
    5. Questions
    6. Further reading
  16. Chapter 6: Program Execution Challenges
    1. Overseeing the program room
    2. Negotiating and visualizing dependencies
      1. Dependency workflow
      2. External dependencies
      3. Dependency maps
      4. Team status dependency map
      5. Incremental status dependency map
      6. Grid view dependency map
      7. Wheel view dependency map
      8. Analytics view dependency map
    3. Reducing waste, managing scope, and communicating progress
      1. Work tree
      2. Program increment progress
      3. Scope change
      4. PI cleanup
      5. Handling unfinished work
      6. PI roadmap
      7. Release vehicle roadmap
    4. Summary
    5. Questions
    6. Further reading
  17. Chapter 7: Enterprise and Portfolio Challenges
    1. Connecting strategy to execution
      1. Strategy room
      2. Strategic snapshots
      3. Strategic backlog
      4. Portfolio objectives
    2. Implementing LPM
      1. Identifying value streams
      2. Defining the portfolio
      3. Connecting the portfolio to enterprise strategy
      4. Maintaining the portfolio vision
      5. Establishing lean budgets and guardrails
      6. Establishing portfolio flow
      7. Applying lean governance
    3. Promoting innovation
      1. Collecting ideas
    4. Summary
    5. Questions
  18. Section 3: Special Use Cases and Add-Ons
  19. Chapter 8: Bimodal Development, Advanced Data Security, and Analytics
    1. Developing products bimodally
      1. Work and outcome dimensions
      2. People and time dimensions
    2. Handling time tracking
      1. Accessing time tracking
      2. Configuring time tracking
      3. Managing timesheets
    3. Advanced data security
      1. SaaS deployment
      2. On-premises deployment
    4. Government reporting
    5. Integrating with BI and other solutions
      1. Integrating via APIs
    6. Summary
    7. Questions
  20. Assessments
    1. Chapter 1 – Introducing Jira Align
    2. Questions
    3. Answers
    4. Chapter 2 – Implementing Jira Align
    5. Questions
    6. Answers
    7. Chapter 3 – Navigating Jira Align
    8. Questions
    9. Answers
    10. Chapter 4 – Team Challenges
    11. Questions
    12. Answers
    13. Chapter 5 – Program Planning Challenges
    14. Questions
    15. Answers
    16. Chapter 6 – Program Execution Challenges
    17. Questions
    18. Answers
    19. Chapter 7 – Enterprise and Portfolio Challenges
    20. Questions
    21. Answers
    22. Chapter 8 – Bimodal Development, Advanced Data Security, and Analytics
    23. Questions
    24. Answers
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Product information

  • Title: Scaling Agile with Jira Align
  • Author(s): Dean MacNeil, Aslam Cader
  • Release date: November 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781800203211