11.7. E-Business Benchmarks: TPC-W

Accurate workload characterizations can be used to build benchmark suites that can be used to evaluate and compare competing systems. Several workload generators exist for Web servers: Mindcraft's Webstone, SPEC's SPECWeb96 and SPECWeb99, and SURGE [5]. The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) has just released TPC-W, the first benchmark aimed at evaluating sites that support e-business activities [23]. We provide in this section a brief description of this benchmark and refer the reader to the TPC-W specification for more details [23].

Table 11.4. Table for Example 11.5
 Database Server
CPU Disk 1 Disk 2
CBMG Type Arrival rate (sessions/sec) VSearch Service Demands (sec)
Heavy Buyers 0.2 2.71 0.0163 ...

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