Chapter 2. Scaling Hiring: Interviews and Hiring Decisions

This chapter continues our discussion of the hiring process, focusing on how to select the right new hire from a pool of candidates. These steps include interviewing, decision making (a vastly underrated part of the process), and reference checks (Figure 2-1).

Steps to select the right new hire
Figure 2-1. Steps to select the right new hire

As your company grows, you may notice these warning signs that your hiring process is not scaling:

  • Negative feedback about the hiring process from candidates themselves. This can come from candidates who went through the same interview multiple times, encountered unprepared interviewers, or waded through general disorganization.

  • Difficulty closing candidates due to delays in the offer process. When the management team doesn’t trust the decision-making process, they may dig into details of the interview feedback and require additional interviews or reference checks before a final decision can be made.

  • Veteran employees complain that the quality of new employees has decreased. This may indicate that your hiring process lacks rigor or is failing to scale with team growth.

  • Your team lacks the diversity needed to be successful, and/or your candidate pipeline closely matches the demographics of the existing team members.

  • Hiring managers bring on poorly qualified new hires because they are desperate for help. This ...

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