Chapter 3. Scaling Hiring: How to Close, On-Board, and Beyond

You’ve interviewed a great candidate and decided to make them an offer to join your team. Successfully closing a new hire, especially in a competitive market, requires a clear and compelling offer, presented the right way. It’s important that you:

  • Make sure the candidate understands their future role at the company.

  • Set clear expectations for the candidate’s first few months at the company.

  • Make sure the candidate understands the financial aspects of the offer, especially any elements beyond the base salary. Bonuses and equity can be very difficult to understand, and candidates will appreciate any clarity you can provide.

If you’re successful in convincing a candidate to join your team, the next step is to on-board them. On-boarding is the process of providing your new hires with the detailed knowledge they need to be a happy and productive employee, and is often an overlooked part of the hiring process.

In addition to closing and on-boarding we will also cover off-boarding, which, when done well, provides a great opportunity to improve your hiring process and your work environment (Figure 3-1). We will also cover acqui-hires, as there are some important considerations to address when merging an entire team into your own.

The part of the hiring process covered in this chapter
Figure 3-1. The part of the hiring process covered in this chapter

Making an Offer

Preparing ...

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