images Ian Alexander is an independent consultant specialising in requirements engineering. He is an experienced instructor and has written training courses for a range of organisations. He is the author of the Scenario Plus toolkits for the DOORS requirements tool. His principal research interest is in improving the requirements engineering process by modelling business goals, processes, constraints, and scenarios. He is currently exploring whether Use Cases can assist reuse of specifications for automobile control systems. He was lead author of Writing Better Requirements published by Addison-Wesley, 2002. He helps to run the BCS Requirements Engineering Specialist Group and the IEE Professional Network for Systems Engineering. He is a Chartered Engineer.

images Kent Beck is the founder and director of TRI. He has pioneered patterns for software development, the xUnit family of testing frameworks, the Hot-Draw drawing editor framework, CRC cards, re-factoring, and most recently Extreme Programming. He is the author of Extreme Programming Explained, Planning Extreme Programming, and The Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns. He lives on 20 acres in rural southern Oregon with his wife, five children (one sadly now gone to college), four dogs, two sheep, and a variable number ...

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