Ian Alexander

This Appendix provides document templates for:

  1. Mission and Objectives
  2. Stakeholder Analysis
  3. Use Cases
  4. Non-Functional Requirements
  5. Test Cases

The templates may freely be copied and applied on projects, provided they are used as instructed, and provided that the copyright and source are acknowledged on each copy. They must not be sold or hired out.

The templates are believed to be suitable as a basis for simple projects, but they may need to be adapted for specialised projects and development approaches.

They are provided for free download at

Appendix 1.1: Mission and Objectives Template

Ian Alexander

This document provides a standardised set of headings to document the top-level goals, often called the Project Mission and Objectives, in any style of project documentation.

Use of Copyright Material

This template may freely be copied and applied on projects, provided it is used as instructed, and provided that its copyright and source are acknowledged. It must not be sold or hired out.

1. Project Mission

1.1 Project Sponsor / Champion

Identify the person, probably in a position of power, who has openly stated that he/she intends to champion the project right through to completion. The sponsor / champion need not be involved in day-to-day management of the project, but must be determined that it shall succeed, be willing to fight for it when necessary, and have the ability to obtain ...

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