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Science and Modern India

Book Description

Science and Modern India: An Institutional History, c.1784-1947: Project of History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Volume XV, Part 4 comprises 35 chapters contributed by eminent scholars. It discusses in a simple, lucid manner, the historical background of the establishment of science institutes that were established in pre-Independence India, and still exist, their functions and their present status. This volume is divided into six parts, each discussing Indian science institutes that specialize in a particular field. Part IV delves into the area of engineering sciences.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. By the Same Author
  5. Editors
  6. Contributors
  7. List of Figures and Tables
  8. General Introduction
  9. Foreword
  10. Preface
  11. Introduction: Science and Modern India: An Institutional History, 1784–1947 by Uma Das Gupta
  12. Part I: Umbrella Institutions for the Cultivation of Science and for the Organization of Scientific and Industrial Research
    1. 1. Scientific Surveys in British India: A Survey, 1760–1900
    2. 2. The Asiatic Society and the Sciences in India, 1784–1947
    3. 3. Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science: A Nation's Dream, 1869–1947
    4. 4. Science and Swadeshi: The Establishment and Growth of the Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works, 1893–1947
    5. 5. Indian Science Congress and the Three Academies, 1914–35
    6. 6. Organization of Industrial Research: The Early History of CSIR, 1934–47
    7. 7. Early Influences on the Origins and Directions of Coal Utilization Research in Colonial India: The Rise of the Central Fuel Research Institute, 1918–47
  13. Part II: Agricultural and Botanical and Forestry Sciences
    1. 8. The Calcutta Botanic Garden and the Wider World, 1817–46
    2. 9. From Jungle to Forests: Aspects of Early Scientific Conservation in Assam, 1839–1947
    3. 10. Improving Indigo: Science in the Colonial Laboratories and Experiment Stations, 1897–1920
    4. 11. Poona Agricultural College: Catering to the ‘Colonial Food’ Requirement, 1908–47
    5. 12. Institutionalizing Forestry Research in India: The Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun, 1906–47
  14. Part III: Astronomical and Meteorological Sciences
    1. 13. Early Modern Observatories in India, 1792–1900
    2. 14. The Role of the India Meteorological Department, 1875–1947
  15. Part IV: Engineering Science
    1. 15. College of Engineering, Guindy, 1794–1947
    2. 16. Thomason College of Engineering, Roorkee, 1847–1947
  16. Part V: Medical Science
    1. 17. A History of the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital, 1835–1936
    2. 18. Science, Institution, Colonialism: Tibbiya College of Delhi, 1889–1947
    3. 19. The Haffkine Institute, 1899–1947
    4. 20. The Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine: Foundation to Opening, 1910–21
    5. 21. ‘Clear Stream of Reason … Lost Its Way into the Dreary Desert Sand of Dead Habit’: The Story of the All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Calcutta, 1922–45
  17. Part VI: Umbrella Institutions for Teaching Basic Sciences in the Colleges, Universities and Institutes of Research
    1. 22. Subaltern Science in the South, 1792–1947
    2. 23. The St. Xavier's College of Calcutta and the Jesuit Science Movement, 1860–1947
    3. 24. Aligarh Muslim University: Development and Progress of Science Teaching and Research, 1877–1947
    4. 25. The Development of Modern Sciences in the Punjab University under Colonial Rule, 1882–1947
    5. 26. The Making of an Indian School of Chemistry, Calcutta, 1889–1924
    6. 27. The National Council of Education and Its Progeny: The College of Engineering and Technology, 1906–47
    7. 28. Indian Institute of Science: Its Origin and Growth, 1909–47
    8. 29. Exemplar of Academia–Industry Interchange: The Department of Chemical Technology at Bombay University, 1915–35
    9. 30. Banaras Hindu University and Science in India, 1916–47
    10. 31. Bose Institute: A Historical Perspective, 1917–47
    11. 32. Science College, Patna, 1927–47
    12. 33. Indian Statistical Institute: Numbers and beyond, 1931–47
    13. 34. Not Only Smashing Atoms: Meghnad Saha and Nuclear Physics in Calcutta, 1938–48
    14. 35. Fundamental Research, Self-reliance and Internationalism: The Evolution of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, 1945–47
  18. Notes and References
  19. Copyright