Chapter 32


1. Jagdish Narayan Sarkar and Jagdish Chandra Jha, A History of the Patna College, Chs II, III, IV.

2. Ibid., pp. 45–47. I.Sc. classes were introduced in other colleges in Bihar in the 1890s.

3. A.L.V. Ewbank: Taught mathematics and chemistry and was principal, Patna College, 1880–87.

4. Hutchinson: Taught zoology at Patna College in the 1870s.

5. Simpson: Taught chemistry at Patna College in the last decades of the nineteenth century.

6. J. Wilson: Taught chemistry and botany at Patna College.

7. Prasanna Kumar Roy, D.Sc.: Was the first Indian teacher of science subjects at Patna College from 1870 onwards.

8. Nanda Krishna Basu: Taught mathematics at Patna College from 1870 onwards.

9. Abinash Chandra: Served as lecturer in science ...

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