Chapter 10

The Future of Scientific Selling

There's still more to be done, more to be discovered, simply because the challenges are so great. For example, I just saw a Harvard Business Review report showing that there is a direct correlation between retention and customer satisfaction. Turns out that Best Buy did a study in which .001 percent increase in retention resulted in $100,000 revenue per store. Breakthrough results like this are only possible when you think of selling as something that can be measured and understood scientifically.

—Mike Stewart, President, The Predictive Group

The application of science to the business of selling will inevitably increase as more companies and executives understand how the application of scientific measurement can make sales teams more predictable and effective. This will be especially true within organizations that are pioneering new business models, creating new organizational models, and utilizing new sales-oriented technologies. The world continues to head in the direction of demystifying sales results and using science and proof for better analysis and business planning.

In addition, there is new research, mostly being conducted within the academic world, that will drive changes in the way that companies envision sales and the sales process. What will happen over the next 10 years is the development of a feedback cycle, where changes in the business world will create a demand for more science and the increased application of science ...

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