SCORE! A Better Way to Do Busine$$: Moving from Conflict to Collaboration

Book Description

To maximize long term profits, companies and their managers must focus more on win/win collaboration with business partners rather than using coercion and adversarial tactics to force compliance. Stallkamp pioneered new strategies for collaboration as President of Chrysler Corporation. His breakthrough strategy (SCORE--Supplier Cost Reduction Effort)turned Chrysler around and into the world's most profitable automaker. Organizations ranging from Dell Computer to the U.S. Air Force are now profiting from the lessons they learned from Chrysler. Stallkamp offers a complete blueprint for deploying strategic collaboration with suppliers, customers, and employees. Learn how Stallkamp overcame the pitfalls and cultural obstacles.  Stallkamp reveals detailed metrics that demonstrate the remarkable cost and quality improvements strategic collaboration makes possible. Stallkamp's proven techniques address strategy, communication, leadership, measurement, information sharing, responsibility sharing, and more. Simply put, this is everything needed to establish collaborative relationships that drive unprecedented business value.

Product Information

  • Title: SCORE! A Better Way to Do Busine$$: Moving from Conflict to Collaboration
  • Author(s): Thomas T. Stallkamp
  • Release date: February 2005
  • Publisher(s): PH Professional Business
  • ISBN: 0131435264