Chapter 6

Getting the Most Out of Sprints


Bullet Benefiting from the daily scrum

Bullet Swarming to get to done

Bullet Running effective sprint reviews

Bullet Finding the key elements of the sprint retrospective

Sprints are the essence of scrum, so it’s worth spending an entire chapter on them. You have the gist already: Sprints are fixed-length timeboxes designed so that your developers can create a development rhythm. They also nurture the inspect-and-adapt premise.

But that’s not all that sprints do. In this chapter, we introduce the daily scrum — an invaluable 15 minutes every day that will focus and organize your short-term goals like never before. Facilitated by the scrum master, the daily scrum keeps your product development on track as the scrum team deals with impediments and coordinates the day’s priorities.

This chapter also exposes you to the sprint review and sprint retrospective. These two meetings take the concepts of inspection and adaptation to new levels. Stakeholders review the product developed and give the product owner immediate feedback; the scrum team assesses how the ...

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