Scrum, Lean, Design Thinking, Kanban, and XP infographic

Scrum, Lean, Design Thinking, Kanban, and XP: Choosing the right methodology for your project and your team

Scrum...Lean...Design Thinking...Get past juggling the jargon, and use this guide to find an approach that gets your team building the right thing, and building the thing right.

What do these approaches mean anyway?

Scrum: An iterative and incremental framework for managing software development projects, that enables self-organization and collective from the team.

Lean: A mindset and approach for eliminating waste, that looks at the system as a whole.

Design thinking: A creative strategy for design, and a structured approach to ideation and creative product development.

XP (Extreme Programming): A software development methodology focused on improving the code that the team builds, and helping them to be more responsive to changing customer needs.

Kanban: A lean method for improving the way that a team builds software, based on collaborative and experimental process improvement.

Principles and Practices Go Hand in Hand

Methods, frameworks, and methodologies like Scrum and XP are driven by practices. But they’re much more effective when the team has the right mindset. If you’ve tried some of these practices but haven’t seen the stellar results you were hoping for, remember that it starts with the values that you share—and reinforce—as a team.

Take time as a team to talk ...

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