2.1. PIC18FXX2 Architecture

As shown in Table 2.1, the PIC18FXX2 series consists of four devices. PIC18F2X2 microcontrollers are 28-pin devices, and PIC18F4X2 microcontrollers are 40-pin devices. The architectures of both groups are almost identical except that the larger devices have more I/O ports and more A/D converter channels. In this section, we shall be looking at the architecture of the PIC18F452 microcontrollers in detail. The architectures of other standard PIC18F series microcontrollers are very similar, and the knowledge gained in this section should be enough to understand the operation of other PIC18F series microcontrollers.

The pin configuration of the PIC18F452 microcontroller (DIP package) is shown in Figure 2.2. This is ...

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