The Game class

So, now that we have an idea of what makes up a game, we can separate the functions into their own class by following these steps:

  1. Go ahead and create a new file in the project called Game.h:
    #ifndef __Game__
    #define __Game__
    class Game
    #endif /* defined(__Game__) */
  2. Next, we can move our functions from the main.cpp file into the Game.h header file:
    class Game
      Game() {}
      ~Game() {}
      // simply set the running variable to true
      void init() { m_bRunning = true; }    
      void render(){}
      void update(){}
      void handleEvents(){}
      void clean(){}
      // a function to access the private running variable 
      bool running() { return m_bRunning; }
      bool m_bRunning;
  3. Now, we can alter the main.cpp file to use this new Game class:
    #include "Game.h" ...

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