Chapter 13. Buried Treasure — More Great Places to Submit Your Site

In This Chapter

  • Keeping track of what you find online

  • Searching for specialized directories

  • Browsing for specialized directories

  • Getting listed in the Yellow Pages Web sites

In Chapters 11 and 12, you find out about the places where you can register your site — the major search systems such as Google and the Open Directory Project, and secondary systems, such as hundreds of small directories.

Some of the sites you find out about in this chapter are more important than the secondary systems and, in some cases, even more important than the major search systems. That's right: Some companies do more business from the sites I discuss in this chapter than from the major search engines.

Don't forget the Yellow Pages sites, which handle billions of searches each year. Although most businesses probably won't want to pay for an ad on a Yellow Pages site (if you have a business phone line, you've already got a free listing), many businesses use these search systems very profitably. In general, if you've found the paper Yellow Pages to be worthwhile, you may find online Yellow Pages useful, too. In fact, if you're buying a Yellow Pages ad, your sales rep is probably trying to upsell you on Internet features these days, such as links to your Web site and additional information posted about your business on the Yellow Page search site.

Keeping a Landscape Log

I recommend keeping track of what you discover during your online research. ...

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