Chapter 13. The Content Piece of the Puzzle


  • How web site content affects SEO

  • Elements of competitive content

  • Using duplicate content

  • Avoiding search engine spam

  • Considerations for multilingual web sites

  • Content management systems

  • Understanding and using viral content

"Content is king!" You've probably heard that phrase so many times it just sounds like nonsense. It shouldn't, though, because content truly is one of the most important aspects of your web site, from the perspective of both design and SEO.

Studies show that the number one reason people visit a web site is in search of information. Even the buying process isn't often accomplished in one visit. Instead, it sometimes takes visitors four or five visits to decide to make a purchase on your site — but it's your content that brings them back to your site those four or five times until they make the purchasing decision.

The loyalty factor is what content is all about. On the Internet, it's easy for users to click to a site only to find it's not what they are looking for and then to click away. Therefore, if you can target your site properly and serve up the right content to your site visitors at the right time, you can create a site that draws users back repeatedly. It's in that sense that content is king.

When content contributes dramatically to your customer loyalty, it's like royalty — something to be respected, babied, and even accorded some awe, because if your content is terrible, you won't get any return traffic ...

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