Chapter 25. SEO Beyond the Launch


  • It's not over

  • Using content management systems

  • SEO problems and solutions

It's done. You've spent weeks or months optimizing your web site, integrating yourself into social networks as an expert, testing the right keywords, and digging for all the right links. Now you're number one for your keywords and the traffic coming to your site surpasses anything that you've had in the past. It's time to sit back and put your feet up on the desk. A nice nap, a long lunch. Now that you're not working on SEO all the time, you're free to do some of the more interesting things that are allowed (or not) during working hours.

Stop. That's a nice dream, but it's not the way SEO works. You've achieved a top rank? So what? Tomorrow you could be buried three pages deep in search engine results or worse, because a search engine changed its algorithm and you weren't on top of it. Or maybe you just got knocked down below the fold of the first page because other web sites added some features that made them more popular than yours. Below the fold is not terrible, but it's also not above the fold, right where users can see your listing without having to scroll — and it's not the top position that you held yesterday.

It's Not Over

In order to maintain that great rank that you've finally reached, you have to stay on top of your SEO efforts. You've read it more than once in this book already — SEO is an ongoing process. Once you're where you want to be, a lot of work ...

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