Chapter 8. Comprehensive Site Audit (Informational Website)


  • Learning one sample format for a professional SEO audit

  • Learning why each section is included

  • Learning how to write an SEO report yourself

This chapter contains an annotated version of a professional SEO website audit. This report is based very closely on the reports I used to write for Fortune 500 companies when my former employer, SEOmoz, still did consulting. These are the same reports for which we used to charge $10,000 and more. I have included this as an example for you to build upon for your own consulting reports.


This chapter is constructed differently than the previous chapters. It centers on a comprehensive SEO audit report, which is included in full at the end of the chapter, for a made-up website called This chapter is intended to be a guide for writing your own reports. I have written from the perspective of a fake consulting company called Placeholder Consulting (I saved all of the creativity for the report, not on the name of the company). It includes the layout of the report, examples of how a similar report would be written, and an explanation of common SEO scenarios and recommendations that might be made. Put simply, this chapter focuses on the deliverable you can produce to make money as an SEO.

Like any respectable author (a.k.a. paranoid author) I want to offer one disclaimer. The copy of this book that you are reading is not the only copy ...

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