Chapter 9. Comprehensive Site Audit (E-Commerce Website)


  • Learning how to write a professional SEO audit

  • Learning why each section is included

  • Learning the intricacies of e-commerce site analysis

Now that you have seen a report for an ad-supported website, I want to show you an important alternative. This chapter explains a report that is formatted for e-commerce sites. It shows much of the same information as the last report, but frames it from a different, more product-based perspective.

Specifically, you will notice that this report focuses more on the individual sections of the websites at the 10-foot view. (Remember Chapter 2?) This is done because the most important aspects of these types of websites are the products and landing pages. Get your note-taking utensils ready, this one's a doozy.


In the preceding chapter I used the analogy of a nerdy cookbook to describe the best way to read these two chapters. (If it helps, try picturing Bill Gates with a French Chef mustache.) This chapter provides instructions for writing a report for an e-commerce site. Use the advice in this chapter and build upon it with your own ideas. Just like recipes are merely suggestions based on experience, the following report outline is merely a suggestion based on reports I have delivered in the past. When in doubt, make this your own by building upon the ideas I present to you. Bon Appétit!


In this chapter our trusty fake consulting company, Placeholder ...

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