Chapter 12. Optimizing for Alternative Search Engines


  • SEOing alternative search engines

  • Tips for social media

Google and Bing currently dominate the search engine market share in most countries in the world. (Two notable exceptions are China with Baidu and South Korea with Naver.) Because of this, they are usually the targets for typical SEO implementations. But what happens when you want to optimize for a niche product that is more likely to be found via different sources? The answer is to optimize for alternative search engines.


Amazon is the world's largest online retailer. (If you haven't heard of it, you should stop reading this and lock yourself in a room with a computer until your typing fingers hurt.) It organizes and sells millions of products to people all over the world.

  • As such it is a very high-impact search engine because the conversion rate (buy rate) tends to be much higher than that of standard search engines.

What Niche Is it Helpful For?

Amazon is useful for any SEO or webmaster looking to sell a product online. The vast majority of its products are physical, although recently it has been putting more of an emphasis on digital products to support its Kindle Empire.

If you are a webmaster or a work for a webmaster who wants to sell goods, Amazon is a great choice for you. It is highly optimized (Amazon is mentioned in every usability book I have ever read) and has an enormous customer base.

Ranking Factors

Although not all of the ranking factors for ...

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