Chapter 7. Optimizing Your Site

Now that you have all the tools and techniques you need to optimize Flash content, you’re ready to find out how to apply those concepts in the real world. In this chapter, you’ll look at some examples of sites with Flash content and evaluate them from a Search Engine Optimizer’s perspective. Then you’ll find out how to improve an existing site that contains Flash content that is poorly optimized.

Looking at Your Site As a Search Engine Optimizer

Before you started reading this book, you likely had one or more websites with Flash content that were not fully optimized. At this point, you’re probably planning to apply what you’ve learned in this book to an already existing site and are wondering where to start. In order to fully optimize a prebuilt website for search engines, you have to look at your site through the eyes of an SEO. Since you may have sites that vary in optimization effectiveness, I’m going to show you some examples of different sites so you can examine the level of optimization for each one. To prepare for that, I begin this section with a brief review of the essential Flash SEO tactics.

Reviewing Flash SEO Techniques

Knowing the main Flash SEO techniques is crucial to evaluating the optimization of your site as well as other sites. Ideally, each Flash or Flex application should have the following associated with it in this order of priority: searchable text, deep links, and a shared data source with the rendered HTML.

Creating searchable ...

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