Chapter 1: Employing Keyword Research Techniques and Tools

In This Chapter

check.png Discovering your site theme

check.png Brainstorming for keywords

check.png Creating a keyword-based outline

check.png Choosing related keywords

check.png Researching keywords by niche

check.png Evaluating keywords

In this chapter, we talk about picking and choosing your keywords. This is an extremely important step. You might say the mantra of search engines should be “keywords, keywords, keywords.” Search engine spiders (the bots that go through your page gathering Web page data) are looking for keywords that match or closely relate to the search query. A keyword is a specific word or phrase a search engine looks for in its index (the list of web sites it looks at during a search), based on what the user typed as the search query. For example, [cars] could be a keyword for a web site that deals with restoring classic cars.

It seems simple enough: Just figure ...

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