Chapter 3: Adding Keyword-Specific Content

In This Chapter

check.png Creating your keyword list

check.png Developing content using your keywords

check.png Including synonyms to widen your appeal

check.png Optimizing your content for search engine rankings

check.png Finding the best tools for keyword integration

You may have a web site already up and running, or you may be in the planning stages of a brand-new site. Either way, you should be ready to identify where you have content holes that need to be filled. In this chapter, you hone your skills at creating content that can rank well with the search engines.

First, ask yourself: What is my web site about? The answers to this question give you a foundation for all your content planning and writing. Some sites try to be everything to everybody, but those sites don’t rank well in searches. When a site’s content is unfocused and too general, search engines can’t figure out what the site is about. The site doesn’t demonstrate expertise in any one thing, so the search engines don’t know ...

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