Chapter 1: Employing Linking Strategies

In This Chapter

check.png Theming your site by subject

check.png Implementing siloing

check.png Tackling link building

In Book IV, Chapter 4, we briefly discuss siloing, which is a way of arranging your web site according to themes that allows for prime search engine optimization. In this chapter, we go into the meat and bones of siloing.

Siloing your site is one of the most important things you can do for search engine optimization. It organizes your web site so that a search engine (and a user) can get a good, clear picture of who you are and what you’re about. A non-siloed site versus a siloed one is like the difference between having a bookcase with books and DVDs and CDs and knickknacks all crammed onto the same shelf versus a bookcase with books on one shelf, CDs on another, DVDs on a third, and knickknacks on the fourth. It’s easier to figure out where things are on the organized bookcase versus the messy bookcase.

In this chapter, we discuss how to build categories and themes for your web site and how to incorporate those into your silos. We also discuss how to build those silos yourself and how to use link building.

Theming Your Site by Subject

You can do many ...

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