Chapter 4: Implementing 301 Redirects

In This Chapter

check.png Redirecting a page to a new URL

check.png Creating 301 Redirects on an Apache server

check.png Implementing 301 Redirects in Microsoft IIS

check.png Setting up 301 Redirects in ISAPI_Rewrite

check.png Accomplishing 301 Redirects using header inserts

check.png Moving a site to a new host

Redirects are HTML or server commands that automatically forward incoming links and users from one page’s URL to another URL, so redirects provide you with an extremely useful web site–maintenance technique.

Of the four types of redirects we cover in Book VII, Chapter 3 (301 Redirect, 302 Redirect, Meta refresh, and JavaScript redirect), only the 301 Redirect passes the test for search engine optimization (SEO)–friendliness. In this chapter, we cover how to set up 301 Redirects and show you some specific situations that call for them. Because a lot of this explanation involves step-by-step instructions, ...

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