Chapter 3: Staking a Claim in Europe

In This Chapter

check.png Succeeding in the European Union

check.png Knowing the legal issues in the EU

check.png Working in the United Kingdom

check.png Discovering France

check.png Operating in Germany

check.png Understanding the Netherlands

Across the pond from the United States lies the European Union (EU). The group of countries that belong to the EU are subject to certain laws and regulations, and all those countries are actually located within Europe itself.

Succeeding in the EU isn’t as simple as copying and pasting your web site into German or French, and then hoping the traffic comes to you. You have to consider legal and cultural differences, along with the technical issues that come from running a web site in another country. In this chapter, we talk about how to succeed in the European Union, some legal issues you should be aware of, and some specific facts about doing business in the United ...

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