Chapter 4: Getting Started in Latin America

In This Chapter

check.png Succeeding in Latin America

check.png Using Google Webmaster Tools for geotargeting

check.png Making your web site work in Mexico

check.png Operating in Brazil

check.png Discovering Argentina

Latin America is an important stop on our search engine optimization (SEO) world tour. Latin America includes Mexico and both Central and South America. Keep in mind that, like with the Asian region (which we talk about in Book IX, Chapter 2) and the European Union (discussed in Book IX, Chapter 3), the Latin American region is made up of many different countries, all with different cultures, economies, and languages. Many countries in Latin America have Spanish as their dominant language, but not all. The biggest country in South America, Brazil, speaks Portuguese.

As always, you need to do research before you launch an online business in a particular country. Hiring someone with knowledge of the local language, customs, and legal ins and outs is also an invaluable asset ...

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