Chapter 9

Month Three: It’s a Way of Life

With so many SEO elements—organic, paid, onsite, offsite, social—in the works for your website now, you’ve built up a holistic approach to SEO that you can be proud of. But don’t rest on your laurels yet. SEO is never done!

This month you’ll find SEO-friendly solutions for expanding your site’s presence in blended search results, and you’ll smooth out any rough edges on your website’s visibility. You’ll take your SEO reporting a step further, and you’ll find all the SEO news and info you need to stay current.

Chapter Contents

  • Week 9: Special Opportunities: Video, Mobile, and More
  • Week 10: Research and Development
  • Week 11: What’s Your Problem?
  • Week 12: SEO Status Report
  • Moving On: Forging Your Own SEO ...

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