Part IV

After You’ve Submitted Your Site


In this part . . .

Submitting your site to the search engines isn’t enough. It doesn’t guarantee that they’ll include your site, and it doesn’t guarantee that your site will rank well. So this part of the book is essential to your success. In particular, you must understand the value of links pointing to your Web site.

Search engines use links to find your site, to figure out what your site is about, and to estimate how valuable your site is. Search engine optimization without a link campaign is like looking for a job without a resume: You may make contact, but you won’t close the deal. In this part, you discover the different ways that search engines use links, and then you find out how to get those all-important incoming links.

You also find out about the role of social networking and video in promoting your site; these are two highly touted but relatively little understood components in a marketing campaign.

Finally, I also look at what happens when the unthinkable happens — Google strikes you down!

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