Chapter 24

Ten-Plus Useful Things to Know

In This Chapter

arrow Making sitelinks

arrow Finding tools to help you check your site rank and traffic

arrow Analyzing your site’s traffic and phone calls

arrow Finding sites that are stealing your content

arrow Grabbing more “real estate” on the search-results page

In this chapter, I describe a number of useful little things to know, from 301 redirects to Google’s enhanced image search; from various information sources to how Google creates multiline search result entries.

Managing Sitelinks (Multiline Search Results)

You’ve probably seen multiline search results, such as those shown in Figure 24-1.

Figure 24-1: Google adds sitelinks to the results for when it thinks you’re looking for a specific site.


How does this happen? More important, how can you make it happen for your site?

Google calls these internal site links, um, sitelinks, and they’re intended to help ...

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