Chapter 3

Obtaining Links

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the benefits and risks of link building
  • Identifying quality links
  • Attracting links naturally
  • Creating link magnets
  • Fostering relationships with industry influencers
  • How not to obtain links

When people to link to you, it affects your overall ranking within the search engines. Having links from good reputable websites lends to your site’s overall credibility and is used in the search engine’s algorithm (formula that measures a web page’s overall relevancy to the search query) to determine whether you can be considered an “expert” in your field. Remember, the search engines want to give their users the best results possible, because if they give the users what they want, users come back and continue to use the search engine.

In this chapter, you learn the benefits and risks of link building. You also find out how to research and attract links to your site as well as how not to obtain links.

Understanding the Benefits and Risks of Link Building

When it comes to link building, there are benefits and risks. Here we explain why links matter to Google and what the hallmarks of a high-quality link are. You also discover what constitutes a bad link and find out the consequences you face if you have them.

Why links are important

One of the key factors Google and other search engines use to determine whether your site ranks is the presence of links pointing to it. An abundance of high-quality, trustworthy external links that are ...

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