Chapter 4. Navigating the Second Life Interface and World

In This Chapter

  • Learning the basics of the Second Life interface

  • Traveling in SL

  • Using Landmarks to keep track of your favorite places

The world of Second Life is big. No, we mean really big! Over 16,000 square acres of land are added every month. That's a whole lot of parties, clubs, shopping, and fun to be found. So how do you know where the fun is let alone how you get there after you find it? Sit back, relax, and let the world come to you. We'll show you how.

In this chapter, we help you learn how to get around so you can enjoy all that Second Life has to offer. We include the basics of moving your avatar (walking, flying, driving, and so on), as well as how to travel longer distances by teleporting. In addition to navigating in the world, we show you how to navigate the interface so you know which menus can help you do what.

Navigating the Second Life Interface and World

Exploring the Basic Menus

Second Life offers lots of menus with lots of different ways to access them. The best way to master the tools in Second Life is to learn them as you need them. We start here with a few menus that you'll want to know right away. Because SL has so many menus, we can't cover them all in this chapter. Be sure to use the book's index to find others or refer to the Cheat Sheet (at the beginning of the book) to quickly reference other menus.

Menus for Second Life are found in two places: ...

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