Chapter 19. Education in Second Life

In This Chapter

  • Learning and teaching in Second Life

  • The Teen Grid: Education fun for younger folk

  • A tour of Second Life campuses

Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either.

—Marshall McLuhan

Imaging ditching your old college lecture hall, the heavy books, and the droning lectures to escape into a space where you can fly, teleport, and build the classroom you want to learn in. Hundreds of universities have moved parts of their campuses into Second Life (SL) to explore the possibilities of learning in a virtual world. In this chapter, we discuss why SL is so appealing for education, introduce you to the Teen Grid, and highlight some great examples of how education can take up roots in a virtual world.

Education in Second Life

Learning and Teaching in Second Life

The Second Life Educators (SLED) mailing list ( details thousands of active members from campuses all over the world. From the individual renegade educator forging his or her way in the virtual world to an entire campus rebuilt from pixels and textures, there's been a rush of teaching and learning efforts into SL over the past two years. Education doesn't have to be boring, and these teachers and institutions are showing the way to make it fun and interactive. By using role playing, ...

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