Everyone is doing it. Jumping into the exciting world of Second Life (SL) to see what all the buzz is about, to start a business, to catch up with friends, to teach a class, or just to go dancing without having to worry about how uncomfortable those heels are going to get by the end of the night.

Maybe you've only just heard about SL. Maybe you joined, logged in, and got stuck. Maybe you're an SL veteran but want to know more about building, running a business, or another advanced skill. No matter who you are, if you're interested in SL, you've got the right book in your hands. What are you waiting for?! Get going. There are more than nine million people waiting to meet you!

About This Book

Millions of people are converts of the SL experience, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Everyone is a newbie (a newb) at some point, but you don't have to look like one. For Dummies books aren't written just as guides but as trusted sources of information. We're here, in these pages, to hold your hand, pat your back, and cheer for you as you try out this new reality. No need to be scared or uptight. Second Life is fun when you know what you're doing, and you soon will.

If you've read anything about Second Life or have friends who are using it, you've probably heard some exciting stuff as well as some scary stuff. Safety is important to us, so you'll see lots of tips and tricks for staying safe and comfortable while you learn and explore. Have no worries. We're here to help.

If you're not ...

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