Listen to What Others Can Teach You

SECRET #5 The experience of others is the best classroom you will ever find!

Who is your role model in life?

Most managers that are successful in business learned from someone called a mentor. A mentor—or “role model”—is like a teacher who shares their experience and guides others to become better at something. Choosing the right mentors in life—like your parents, grandparents, or a teacher—is important for success.


When learning from others outside of your family, you want to choose mentors who behave the way you want to behave throughout your life.

So remember: A handy trick to life is knowing who to be the batboy for—it's an important decision to make if you want to eventually be a homerun hitter.


Elena learned this lesson not by playing baseball, but from a simple pick-up game of basketball.

Elena is a very good basketball player, and during practice one day, she caught the eye of a sports scout named MR. STRINGER.

Until she met Mr. Stringer, Elena had planned to spend the summer taking a class for college, but he offered her a chance to go to a special teen basketball training camp called Peach Basket.


Well, Elena had stars in her ...

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