The Customer Comes First

SECRET #10 Take care of your customer and your customer will take care of you.

Do you listen carefully when others are talking?


A successful business is really good at communicating with its customers. And the best way for business managers to communicate with their customers is to ask a lot of questions and always listen to the answers. This way, a business can take care of its customers and the customers will take care of the business. Good communication is the key that allows a business to develop and grow.

As in business, you want to develop good communication habits in life by always questioning and listening. Keep asking “Why?” and “Why not?”—then listen carefully to the answers.

So remember: Good communication is important. Never be afraid to ask questions and listen to the answers—and also know that there is no such thing as a dumb question.


This particular secret came in handy when the Secret Millionaires Club kids traveled to Borneo—an island in Southeast Asia—to help an orangutan sanctuary and tourist attraction that was going out of business.

Our heroes met with ATAN, a teenager who ran the rescue park with his grandfather. Atan explained that his grandfather was good at taking care of the apes but didn't know how to attract more ...

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