Always Promote Yourself

SECRET #12 Successful businesses successfully promote and advertise themselves.

Think about how you advertise yourself.

Every business needs to promote itself to sell its products and to distinguish itself from the competition. So it's very important for a business to advertise itself.


Did you ever think about this: You advertise yourself—meaning you project an image of yourself—every day by what you wear and how you treat others. It's important to advertise yourself in a positive way so people see you from the inside out. Always be honest and sincere, and never lie under any circumstance.

So remember: Treat other people the way you would like to be treated—that's the best advertisement of all!

The value of good advertising came to light when Radley, Starty, Lisa, Jones, and Elena were magically transported back in time to the kingdom of CAMELOT, where they met KING ARTHUR!


King Arthur needed help from Secret Millionaires Club because the good citizens of Camelot were having trouble making money.

As our heroes searched for answers to the problem, they came across a hardworking wheel maker named LEOFRICK SPOKES. Mr. Spokes was very good at making wagon wheels, but he didn't have any customers because no one knew about his business.

The Secret ...

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