Location Is Very Important

SECRET #13 Location is a vital part of most businesses.

Have you ever thought about the importance of a good location?

Any business that sells to the public needs a good location so it can be found easily and is near the customers who want to buy its products.


And just as a store needs a good location to attract customers, you can benefit from being in a good location too!

In a classroom, it is best to sit in a place where you can hear the teacher and clearly see the lessons on the board. The better you are located, and able to pay attention, the better you will do in school.

Location, location, location—it can help you pay better attention and learn the most you can.


And as it turned out, the importance of location was another secret that Secret Millionaires Club learned when they were helping the citizens of CAMELOT with their money problems.

While escaping from an obnoxious dragon, our heroes got lost in the woods surrounding King Arthur's castle. Fortunately, they came across a skilled mapmaker named MARROK THE MAPMAKER.


Young Marrok had a variety of excellent maps to choose from and our heroes knew it would be easy to find their way out ...

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