How to Present Yourself

SECRET #20 It's not just the outside that counts. It's the whole package.

How you present yourself is very important.

Every business needs to “package” itself in order to become successful. How a business appears on the outside tells a customer a lot about how it acts on the inside.


That's also a life lesson. Packaging yourself properly is also important. It's like having a scorecard showing on the outside that reflects your inner scorecard.

For example, you should show respect if you want to be respected. Admire honesty as part of being honest. And be lovable to be loved.


Remember: The outside reflects the inside and the inside reflects the outside—both are a reflection of the whole package!

This important secret came to light when Secret Millionaires Club went skiing during their winter break.


Once Radley, Starty, Lisa, Jones, and Elena arrived on the mountaintop they were shocked to see that their favorite ski lodge had changed. The new owner, MR. LUKAS, had transformed the lodge from a simple American hotel into a flashy Swiss ski lodge! Everything was now Swiss: the design of the hotel's exterior, the design of the rooms, the uniforms worn ...

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