Secret Service

Book description

“Either you can decide to compete on price alone and pray you can maintain a cost structure to generate a profit, or you can provide magical moments that create value for your guests. . . . Throughout Secret Service, DiJulius demonstrates how to transform bland customer service standards into memorable customer experiences.”— from the foreword by Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson, coauthors of The Disney Way and Every Business Is Show Business

How many successful businesses provide the kind of unforgettable client experience that keeps customers coming back time after time and year after year? John DiJulius has built his award-winning business around a customer service approach that has earned comparisons to Disney, Nordstrom, and other legendary customer experience pioneers. In Secret Service DiJulius reveals how to develop behind-the-scenes systems that will enable your business to * develop a great corporate culture that shows in the dedication and passion of your front-line people * “go deeper” with your existing customers * turn complaints into positive experiences * make each customer feel welcome, comfortable, important, and understood.

DiJulius will teach you all the techniques that have catapulted his business to the top, making him one of the most sought-after service experts in America. By quantifying and examining each phase of the Customer Experience Cycle, Secret Service reveals clever, practical ideas that can be transformed into repeatable best practices in any organization and at every level. Packed with examples applicable to a wide range of industries, this book provides practical, realistic ways to reap the benefits of greater customer loyalty, exponentially expanded referral networks, lower employee turnover, and stronger bottom-line results.

Product information

  • Title: Secret Service
  • Author(s): John R. DiJulius
  • Release date: January 2003
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814426975