4. Gaming on the PSP

Let’s quit dancing around the subject. There’s no need to be gracious about this. You know why you bought the PSP: to play games.

Sure, it’s nice that it does fun stuff like play tunes and store pictures, but if you wanted a jukebox, you’d have bought a 60 GB MP3 player, and if you’d wanted to carry pictures, you’d have bought a wallet. You didn’t buy your PlayStation Portable to watch DVDs, right? You bought it for games! Those other things that the PSP does are icing; they’re value-added extras that are definitely worth having, but this thing’s a gaming box.

That’s a good thing, because scores of games are available for your PSP, from the immensely popular Lumines, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and SOCOM: U.S. ...

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