Chapter 2. Web Security

Chapter 1 describes where the Web came from and how it works. It is important to remember that the modern Web is built on a series of software abstractions and that we still need to know the basic protocol and infrastructure to build reliable and secure applications.

This chapter takes a closer look at how security works and how it applies to web applications. If your application is on the Internet, it is on the front lines of your network. It is like a door to the outside world that allows visitors to come in and check out whatever you have to offer. Your application needs to be secure, and you need to be aware of the dangers an application can open to your network.

Security Basics

Imagine a security guard walking through the dimly lit corridors of an office building late at night. As she enters each room, she shines her flashlight into every corner, scans for anything out of the ordinary, and then turns out the light and locks the door behind her. She follows this routine nightly and ensures that the office is safe and secure.

Well, web applications don’t have security guards to protect them, by default. There is no enforcer to beat the living bytes out of would-be attackers.

Build Security In

So what can we do? Well, the first thing developers can do is recognize that we need to build security into our applications. We need to step up and do something about it ourselves. The next thing we must do is ascertain what we are actually protecting. Where does our ...

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