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Securing Enterprise LANs Using the Junos OS

Video Description

Scanning news feeds from virtually any international news source reveals a never ending stream of sophisticated outsider attacks on corporate networks. While these attacks dominate the headlines, there is another form of network attack that is just as sinister: The insider attack on the enterprise LAN. In this video series, enterprise network security expert Martin Brown shows you how to recognize insider attacks and how to protect against them within a Juniper Network EX Series switch environment.

In addition to receiving the benefit of Brown's vast experience in identifying and counteracting Level 2 and Level 3 insider attacks, the course offers the unique opportunity to gain command-line Junos OS security configuration experience using real life Juniper EX Series hardware.

  • Become aware of the sophisticated techniques insiders use to attack corporate LANs
  • Master the methods used in Juniper switched networks to mitigate internal security threats
  • Gain command-line Junos OS security configuration experience using real Juniper EX Series hardware
  • Understand Layer 2 (Data Link) and Layer 3 (Network) attack types and mitigation methods
  • Learn about security concepts such as storm control and directed broadcasts
  • Explore the ways to secure the control plane to protect device management
Juniper Networks Ambassador Martin Brown (CCNP, CCNA, JNCIS-ENT, JNCDA) is a 17+ year network security engineering professional working at a Tier 1 service provider. Martin is in constant contact with Juniper: Attending meetings, viewing presentations on their latest technologies, and going to NXTWORK summits. He is author of the O'Reilly title, Building Small Office Networks Using the Junos OS - Design and Build a VPN Connected Office Network using Juniper Devices.