Installing the ASA/PIX Software

The ASA/PIX operating system software comes installed on the security appliances. If you purchased your hardware before 2005, it will not have the version 7 operating system. Version 7 will be shipped on all ASA/PIX Security Appliances larger than a PIX 515E after the first part of 2005. ASDM runs only on ASA/PIX version 7. If you have a version of the PIX operating system prior to 7, you must manually install ASA/PIX version 7 before you can complete the step-by-step instructions outlined in this book.

Manual ASA/PIX Version 7 Installation

You must do seven things before you can upgrade the security appliance, as follows:

  • Ensure that your PIX operating system is at minimum version 6.3(x).

  • Obtain a valid ASA/PIX ...

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