Chapter 3

Examining and Mastering Question Types


Bullet Exploring the composition of SIE exam questions

Bullet Analyzing the purpose and intent of a question

Bullet Identifying the correct answer

Bullet Mastering the process of elimination

Yes, I know, I know: “Why can’t they just ask regular questions?” This problem has perplexed test takers throughout the ages (all right, maybe not, but it does bug me). The test designers have riddled the old pick-the-best-answer questions with all kinds of pitfalls. The people in charge want you to choose combinations of correct answers and pick out exceptions; and, as if you don’t have enough to worry about, they even give you extraneous information to try to trip you up. Sheesh!

In this chapter, I introduce you to the types of questions to expect on the SIE exam, and I show you how to analyze the facts in the questions and identify what the examiners are really testing you on. I also show you how to use the process of elimination to find the right answer and, if all else fails, how to logically guess the best answer.

You should also be aware that in its ...

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