Chapter 4

Surviving Test Day


Bullet Getting ready the day before

Bullet Arriving at the test center and checking in

Bullet Experiencing the exam

Bullet Viewing your exam results

You’ve done your homework, taken practice exams, and completed your prep course, and now the day of reckoning is upon you. You’re ready to exchange the gazillion hours of study and hard work for your SIE license. The last hurdle awaits you at the test center.

In this chapter, I give you a snapshot of the SIE exam experience so you know the procedure before, during, and after you take the exam and can hit the ground running.

Composing Yourself the Day Before

On the day before the exam, review the information that you’re still having problems with until noon; then call it a day. Get away from the books, go out to dinner (maybe skip the spicy foods and alcohol), go to a movie. Rest your mind. If you’ve put the required time and effort into studying up to now, you’ll benefit more from a good night’s rest than anything you can learn in the final hours the night before your exam. Taking the evening off can help prevent brain ...

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