Chapter 19

Nothing But Net: Practice Exam 2

If you’ve just finished the first practice exam and are planning on continuing to this practice exam, please thoroughly review the first exam first. Just like Practice Exam 1, this practice exam has 75 questions. For those of you who couldn’t wait to take the second exam and bypassed the first one, I review the test basics here.

As in the real SIE exam, the questions in both practice exams are in random order. Please read carefully. You can limit your careless mistakes by focusing in on the key words. Zone in on the information you do need to know to answer the question and ignore the information that doesn’t help you. I suggest reading the last sentence twice to make sure you know what the question’s asking. You may use scrap paper and a basic calculator for figuring.

Mark your answers on the answer sheet provided in this chapter or on a separate piece of paper. As you’re taking the exam, circle or highlight the questions that you find troublesome. After taking and grading the exam, look over the questions that you got wrong and the questions that you circled or highlighted. Review the test, retake all the questions that you circled or answered wrong, and make sure that you get them right this time. To simulate the real exam, try to finish this part in one hour and 45 minutes or less. Please resist the urge to look at the answers and explanations until you’ve finished the exam. You can check your answers and get detailed explanations ...

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