Chapter 21

Ten SIE Exam Traps to Avoid


Bullet Identifying the most common mistakes that SIE exam-takers make

Bullet Uncovering the secrets for avoiding SIE exam traps

After all the time, effort, and sacrifice you put into studying, elevating the importance of the SIE exam to an unrealistically high level is easy. Step back for a moment. Keep it in perspective. This situation is not life or death. If you don’t pass the test the first time, the worst thing that happens is that you have to retake it.

On the other hand, getting tripped up by some trivial exam traps after you’ve come this far would be a shame. This chapter lists some common mistakes and gives you some last-minute advice to help you over the last hurdles that stand between you and your first million dollars as a stockbroker.

Easing Up on the Studying

Perhaps you stop studying because you’re getting good scores on practice exams and your confidence is high. If you’re scoring 80s on exams that you’re seeing for the first time, shoot for 85s. If you’re getting 85s, shoot for 90s. The point is that you should continue to take exams until the day before your scheduled exam day. I firmly believe that every day away from studying ultimately costs you points on your exam that you can’t afford to lose.

By the same token, ...

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